We help B2B SaaS companies acquire users predictably & profitably with paid ads.

Learn how we achieve a 3-6 month payback period for our SaaS clients.

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The exact Ads, Landing pages, & Content we use to achieve a 3-6 month payback period

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If the strategy detailed above resonates with you, let’s talk about what it would take to roll it out for your SaaS company.

"The Facebook Ad Strategy can make the business hum at a different level."

“He became a really integral part of our business, especially helping around getting leads and getting new clients in the door – he did an amazingly exceptional good job at that.

He’s really worked in lots of different areas and that’s going to help him not only craft people amazing Facebook Ad strategies, but also help them dig a little bit deeper into other areas of their business.”

Nigel Moore, Founder
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We're an small, agile, expert team


Bunty SomRoy
Owner & Chief Marketing Strategist

Hi, I’m Bunty SomRoy, 31 years old, American based in Bali. I’ve worked in so many niches and industries by this point, if you have a marketing problem, chances are that I’ve seen it before.


I’ll be working directly with you on the social ads side as well as cross-platform strategy.

Affan Laghari
Senior Paid Search Strategist


Hi, I’m Affan Lagheri, based in Pakistan. I’ve been working in digital marketing for over 10 years. I started with copywriting and SEO but settled into my niche into paid search.


I’ll be working with you as the point of contact for all things Google Ads.


For any inquiries please email